Global Event Services
Global Event Services, Inc.

The founders of Global Event Services (GESI) have 50 years experience in the technical event business. Their collective experience and desire for innovation and superior service led them to start their own company. In August of 1996, Global Event Services was incorporated in Seattle Washington . From the beginning, GESI has built a foundation of trust with its clients and has grown to become a premier provider of custom-configured computers, networking, audio-visual, and logistics management.

Some highlights of the last 12 years include:

  • Digital Equipment Corporation's West coast event hardware management company
  • Microsoft Preferred Vendor for Event Services
  • 60% of our technical staff hold Microsoft certifications
  • 100% of our customers who hired us in 1996/1997 are still using us today

GESi has managed growth to allow its customers to continue to receive personalized service. Our employees have been with us for an average of 7 years, many of them have been with us from the beginning.

Through managed growth and strategic hiring, GESi has grown its services from just managing computer inventory for Digital Equipment Corporation and loading images for Microsoft to complete inventory, vendor, and labor management, creating intelligent kiosks, and building complex and secure wired and 802.11 networks. The key to our success has been the building of relationships with customers and vendors to provide a complete logistical package, and end-to-end event management services.

Some of GESi's clients included:

  • eBay
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Ambassadors International
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Real Networks
  • Sybase
  • O'Reilly Media
  • NCR/Teradata, and many others.

GESI has the experience, flexibility, and staffing needed to be innovative and supportive in today's highly-competitive technical marketplace. We have an excellent track record of getting the job done on-time and under budget. Our history of successful large and small scale events and our list of satisfied customers are a testament of our abilities.

GESI is the leading computer and networking logistics provider for the IT event industry worldwide. In our decade of service to over 300 clients, GESI has provided logistics support and management to some of the largest technical conferences in the world. We are not a computer rental company, though that is a strategic part of our business. We are a full-service, technical management organization. Whether it involves technical events, inventory management, logistics, networking, or a combination of these, let us customize a solution for you.

The Company

Loren Grandjean, Systems Engineer

With over twenty years of IT experience in multiple networking architectures, Loren has extensive experience as a technical specialist and system engineer. In addition to serving as the project lead for multiple clients, Loren served as the network architect for the eBay Live! 2005 event and many others. His skills in computer imaging, automation, Active Directory, and Exchange Server make him an integral part of our large-scale events. Loren holds a BS in Computer Information Systems.

Rudy Domingo, Systems Engineer

Rudy is a madman when it comes to getting the job done. Known for his calm demeanor and rock-solid work ethic, having Rudy onsite is like having 3 people all in one. Rudy's technical and mechanical skills go back 15 years and he has worked for some of our largest clients and high-profile events. Rudy's early years working for Boeing and Alaska Airlines taught him to do things right the first time.

Kevin Doyle, Systems Engineer

What do hanging engines on Boeing 747s and working on technical events have in common? They have Kevin Doyle in common. Kevin's early years working for Boeing gave him an eye for detail and perfection that translated nicely to the world of computers and networking. His passion for technology, particularly in graphics and gaming have come in particularly handy working with Windows Media, DirectX, and Xbox events. Kevin is looking forward to the 2010 Mustang.

James Bushnell, Senior Technician

James' experience growing up in Japan gave him a unique world-view and a passion for travel and new experiences. His technical and customer service skills have made him a favorite of many of our long-term clients. His fluency in the Japanese language and work at Tech-Ed Japan every year are of particular value to GESI and our clients.

Andrew King, Project Manager

Andrew King was building websites before most people knew what they were. His knowledge of server architecture and back-end systems have served him well in the multimedia publishing field and as a consultant for a variety of clients over the last 12 years - primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition he is known for his professionalism and determination in everything he does. He is a graduate of USC and can often be found with a hockey stick in his hands.

John Bonebrake, Event Engineer

John’s background in the IT industry dates back to when he was in high school, working as an engineers assistant at a local radio station in Oregon. With over 23 years of customer interaction and experience in event systems engineering, John has supported client events beginning with Symantec, Infosys, Intuit, and most recently O’Reilly Media. John is diehard fan of the Oregon Ducks, and loves to try different styles of local craft beers.