Intelligent Kiosks

Kiosks Kiosks can take a variety of forms - from a bank of stationary computers devoted solely to web access, to a web-portal that automatically loads when users open a browser on the conference network. Either way, as an event owner you have complete control of the look, feel, and content of the kiosk. Many of our clients use kiosks to communicate the latest show content, schedule changes, deliver sponsored content, and facilitate attendee networking.

Our web designers will work with you to design an efficient and stylish look and feel that will be valuable to you as an event planner and an added benefit to your attendees.

Click here to see an example of some of the custom work we did for our clients.

Images from tradeshows:

Macromedia MAX 2004
Macromedia MAX 2004
Single Kiosk
Macromedia MAX 2005
Macromedia MAX 2005
RSA Conference 2003
Rational Conference 2003

Screenshots of product.

ISES 2005
MAX2005 screenshot
RUC 2003 screenshot
RSA Conference 2002
RSA kiosk screenshot

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